Monday, September 22, 2008

A Grand Idea

The landscape of Free-Masonry in the United States is changing before our very eyes. The mainstream Grand Lodges no longer hold a monopoly on theCraft. With the emergence of groups like the Grand Orient of the United States, Masonic High Council of the USA, George Washington Union, Feminine Grand Lodge of France, Feminine Grand Lodge of Belgium, La Droit Humain,Grand Lodge of All England at York, and others, there are many lodges operating outside of the mainstream. Despite all of the attacks, from the mainstream, on our legitimacy the “cosmopolitan” movement is picking upsteam and our lodges are growing. This is in sharp contrast to the mainstream Grand Lodges that are almost all in sharp decline.The advantage the mainstream holds is a valuable one. They are organized, recognized by the public as the sole “authority,” and despite their own internal differences, they are forming a unified front to sabotage the growing “cosmopolitan” movement. I recently read a post where a mainstream Mason urged other Masons to “arm themselves” to take Masonry back.

Attitudes like this can’t be changed overnight and possible can never be changed. For us to try to convince this Brother that we are legitimate and pursuing honest goals would be useless. It is also unimportant to even tryto convince people who think like this. In order for us to advance the “Cosmopolitan” movement we should start first with acting like Masons, in lodge, outside of lodge, at work, on the internet, and anywhere else we come in contact with people. We should read and study to increase our own Masonic knowledge. We need to stop fighting among ourselves, we need to use more tact when replying to sharp posts online, we need to let the past die and move on. I have been just as guilty of some of these things as others have been. But I also know that if I, and others, learn to keep our passions in due bounds we can be part of the solution and not the problem.

I urge everyone to think about this before making a heated reply to a comment or internet post. If we turn the other cheek and take the highroad then we can achieve a moral victory. The mainstream is in decline.Young, educated, men and women who seek out Free-Masonry to facilitate FreeThinking will naturally shun the antiquated system and flock to join our movement. Our cause is just and righteous and if we keep a tongue of good report and act upon the square we can build a Masonic edifice that will fill the vacuum that currently exists in American Masonry and eventually surpass the mainstream.

Jamie Peffer
Venerable Master

Vulcan at sunset.

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